Sunday, August 22, 2010

Can’t Find A Bioidentical Doctor?

What if you can’t find a bioidentical doctor? What if there is no compounding pharmacy in your area? What should you do if you are suffering from menopause symptoms and you don’t want to use synthetic hormones to treat your symptoms? I don’t blame you if you have decided not to use synthetic hormone therapy with all the bad side effects and the dangers to your health.

Speak with your regular doctor. If he or she does not know how to prescribe bioidentical hormones, you can still ask your doctor to do some hormone testing on you and get your results. Then ask your doctor for a prescription for either Estrace or Gynodiol and Prometrium. These are both non-compounded bioidentical hormones. Any pharmacy will be able to provide them for you. Prometrium is a form of non-compounded bioidentical progesterone. Estrace and Gynodiol are non-compounded bioidentical form of estradiol, an estrogen.

You will take estradiol as Estrace or Gynodiol twice a day and the Prometrium/progesterone twice a day. Though, my doctor has given me Estrace and told me to take the Estrace in the morning and to break up the Prometrium pill into two and take it both in the morning and the other half of the pill in the evening. He has told me to take it for three months consecutively, without a menstrual period. He is then going to take another hormone test to find out where my levels are. He said that after the third month I would take it cyclically so I can have a period which will help shed the lining of the uterus. Taking it cyclically means that I will take the Estrace from day one to day 14. On the 14th day, I am to add the Prometrium progesterone and on the 28th day, I will have a period. I’m then supposed to stop taking both for a period of one week.

You might ask why I am doing this? I was using bioidentical hormones, but was still plagued by hot flashes. My body doesn’t seem to absorb the bioidentical estrogen cream and one the week that I rested the body and didn’t take any hormones, I would immediately start getting very severe hot flashes again. So he is going to try me on the non-compounded bioidentical forms of estrogen and progesterone. We are going to see if this helps with my hormone levels. So I’ll let you know in about three months’ time how this new form of non-compounded bioidentical hormones works out.

So, my advice, if you don’t have a bioidentical doctor in your area and there is no compounding pharmacy either, and traveling out of State is too difficult, then ask your regular doctor about these non compounded bioidentical hormones. It might just work out well for you and you can get on with the job of living life to its fullest, in spite of menopause.

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