Saturday, July 14, 2012

Importance of Bioidentical Hormone Society

There is a lot of confusion and interest on the subject of using bioidentical hormones to prevent various diseases and also keep old age at bay. The Bioidentical Hormone Society is doing outstanding work in order to spread information about this revolutionary branch of medicine so that people have the right information regarding it. As a matter of fact, increasing numbers of people are opting to visit healthcare practitioners who offer integrative medical treatments using hormones as a result of the work done by this organization.

The Bioidentical Hormone Society conducts many seminars and studies on the effect that low hormone levels have on people’s health. This field is a relatively new one and there are many doctors who do not as yet have sufficient knowledge about it. At the same time, there are many experienced doctors who are willing to think out of the box and they are responsible for pioneering work in this field. The Bioidentical Hormone Society gives them a reliable forum to exchange views with each other and thereby enrich this field of medicine.

The number of doctors who are interested in finding out about preventive medicine, especially with the use of hormones, is increasing all the time since there is mounting evidence that hormonal imbalances are responsible for many health issues. Patients are also becoming more aware of various medical conditions and alternate treatments thanks to the easy dissemination of information, particularly because of the popularity of the internet.

The increasing number of medical practitioners who sign up for seminars organized by the Bioidentical Hormone Society is a heartening sign indeed. This indicates that hormonal problems are now getting the attention that they deserve. It also means that lots of patients will now get high quality medical attention that aims at preventing diseases rather than curing them.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

What Is Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Are you confused about what bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is all about? This is hardly surprising because there are many misconceptions about this therapy. Very simply put, it is the treatment using special hormone ‘cocktails’ of various conditions that are caused because of hormonal imbalances. When a person’s body is in hormonal decline because of old age or any other reason, the person experiences a wide range of symptoms including weight gain, memory loss, reduced libido, insomnia and osteoporosis. Women typically experience the early onset of menopause.

It is very important to understand exactly what bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is because you will then be able to ask for this treatment if you experience hormonal problems. Medical practitioners who offer this treatment always determine the exact nature of your problems before suggesting treatment. This is a very effective treatment because the hormones used are made from plant sources, most often wild yams and soybeans, and are chemically formulated to replicate the ones created by the human body.

The other benefit of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is that you get the exact dosages that you need in order to have your hormonal balances restored. The doctor will first determine what your problem is and will then offer you a specially compounded hormonal treatment. You have the option of taking these hormone supplements as creams, suppositories, capsules, injections or even as tablets inserted under the skin. It is also possible to get preset doses of hormones from a pharmacy.

Now that you have found out what bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is, you should go right ahead and get the treatment you require. Lots of men, and not just women, benefit from this treatment. Whether your problem is PMS, menopause, andropause or old age or even a hysterectomy, you can get relief from extreme discomfort.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Use Bioidentical Natural Hormones for Relief from PMS

Do you usually have a lot of problems every month before your menstrual cycle begins? Lots of women suffer from Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) which is a very difficult thing to deal with, both for them and the people who have to interact with them. The symptoms vary from person to person and so does the intensity. Age also has a factor to play in the intensity of PMS. They include irritability, anxiety, fatigue, mood swings, headaches, nausea, breast tenderness weight gain and facial acne amongst other things. There is increasing evidence that bioidentical natural hormones are helpful in treating these symptoms.

Bioidentical natural hormones are different from artificially prepared hormones because they are made from plant sources. This makes the body accept the treatment easily. It is possible for you to reduce the discomfort that you feel immediately before your period starts by taking the necessary hormonal treatment.

There are many doctors and medical practitioners who specialize in offering treatments using bioidentical natural hormones. If you feel that your PMS symptoms are becoming so bad that they are interfering in the normal functioning of your life then you should certainly get help from an experienced medical practitioner. Increasing numbers of women are opting for these treatments because they already have a lot of stress to deal with as a result of trying to manage responsibilities at work and home.

There are very few risks associated with using bioidentical natural hormones since they are made from natural sources. You will most likely be offered the treatment in the form of creams or tablets. Your monthly period will no longer be something you (or the people around you) dread because you will have a lot less discomfort. Make sure that you get the treatment from a reliable doctor because these hormones are very powerful.