Friday, May 29, 2009

Estrogen Creams

Estrogen is an important female sex hormone and plays a vital role in the growth and development of a female physically, emotionally and sexually. Estrogen levels generally remain high until menopause sets in. During this time period many women go through turbulent periods of both emotional and physical distress. Today, there is a remedy to help alleviate some of these problems with the use of estrogen cream. There are several brands of estrogen creams available on the market and include the following:

- Estraderm
- Climaral
- Vilely
- Fem patch
- Estrace
- Ogen

In all cases it is recommended that one also take progesterone at the same time as the estrogen cream. When estrogen is taken alone, it causes the cell lining in the uterus to become thick but disorganized. Progesterone, on the other hand controls the growth and organizes the cells – thus protects the uterus. The type of progesterone you want should be bioidentical and can be discussed with your health care professional.

How much estrogen and progesterone to take is also some what difficult. Different women have different responses. How much you should take depends on the hormone testing that your doctor will do. Hormone level testing will show to what level your hormones have declined and which and how much you should be supplementing with bioidenticals. Compounding pharmacists will formulate a cream of estrogen and progesterone at the pharmacy, according to the doctor’s prescription. This will be an individual dose, made especially for you.

Women who have hot flashes, night sweats and vaginal dryness will find a solution in natural bioidentical hormones. Most women will find adequate relief within 5-7 days, sometimes in even as few as two days..

All estrogen creams, such as Bi-est and Tri-est are readily available at a compounding pharmachy but require a prescription from your doctor.

Remember, even though these formulations are just creams, it is best to store them in a safe place. Estrogen creams can be ingested by young children and accidents have been known to occur.

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