Monday, February 6, 2012

Growth hormone to slow aging

Can I take growth hormone to slow aging?

In the last two decades, growth hormone mania has gone wild. Many people seem to believe that it is the panacea for aging and many other health problems. GH is produced in a small gland (pituitary) at the base of the brain. GH is vital for growth and development in children. It also plays a role in metabolism and growth of bone. With advanced age, the release of GH from the pituitary gland starts to decline. This has now initiated a whole industry which believes that consumers should start taking GH to replace the low levels of GH. But the question is does GH prevent aging?

First people who have high levels of GH also grow old and in fact too much GH results in premature death. There is no scientific evidence that GH can stop or prevent aging. So the answer is No- GH will not make you look young but if you do take it- your physical features can become grotesque.

Can anyone take growth hormone?

Well, anyone can take anything but GH has specific indications. Because GH is a small peptide like hormone, it can only be administered via an injection. If you swallow GH, it will be broken down by the acid in the stomach. GH in the USA is only available with a prescription. Doctors only prescribe it if you have a proven deficiency. GH deficiency is rare but may occur in people who have cancers of the pituitary gland or those who have surgery or radiation therapy to the brain. GH injections can help increase muscle mass, improve bone density and also improve exercise endurance. Today, one of the most common indications for GH use is in patients with HIV who have severe muscle wasting. The treatment is for a few months at a time.

Does GH have any risks?

All hormones have a risk if they are taken in excessive amounts. Patients who are administered GH often complain of the following problems:

- increased swelling of the arms and legs
- joint and muscle pain
- development of carpal tunnel syndrome
- enlargement of the breast in men

There are also reports that GH can lead to development of heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Unfortunately there are no long term studies on GH. However, even short term use of this hormone is not recommended if you do not have a deficiency. Many bodybuilders do use GH and often develop grotesque facial features and thick heavy bones.

Many health websites sell GH as a pill. Is this true?

Unfortunately the health supplement market is out of control. GH is a small peptide and if taken by mouth is immediately broken down by the stomach acidity. This is a fact that has been known since the 1950s. All hospital formularies use the injectable form. Best advice is not to buy health or pharmaceutical products from unknown sites or European pharmacies. Many of these sites sell fake and counterfeit products. Once you offer your credit card online to someone in Europe or Asia, you will only get one thing in return- Disappointment.

I have heard that many alternative care professionals have remedies like GH. Is this true?

Today, everyone is competing for the few patients in America who have money. Everyone is claiming to have the best and ultimate treatment for all diseases. Alternative care has gained widespread use because the public is dissatisfied with conventional medicine. However, unlike conventional medicine, many treatments in alternative care are not proven and their benefits are questionable. There is no homeopathic remedy that contains GH. If these alternative practitioners are selling such remedies, then you can bet your life, the FDA and the DEA will soon be closing them down. All hormonal supplements in the USA need FDA approval and a prescription. These products are far too dangerous to be dispended by people who have no medical training. If you want to maintain good health, start walking eat right and do not smoke. Stop relying on supplements and hormones. No matter what you buy, you will grow old.

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