Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bioidenticals hormones in different forms

Are you confused about the different forms in which bioidenticals hormones treatment is available? This is a relatively new field and there are plenty of misconceptions about it, even amongst medical practitioners. However, you will get the right information and treatment if you visit a wellness or medical practice run by a doctor who offers this treatment.

Bioidenticals hormones are specially formulated ones that match the molecular structure of the ones that the body usually produces and are therefore easily utilized by the body. Experienced medical practitioners offer highly customized cocktails of these hormones to patients whose bodies are no longer able to produce them for a variety of reasons. This makes the treatment a highly comprehensive one that does a lot of good to people who suffer from a variety of health issues because of hormonal imbalances.

The form that you get these hormones in depends on the preference of the practitioner who is prescribing them and also on your particular body makeup. For starters, they are available in the form of creams and gels that are meant to be applied topically or vaginally. Creams are best used on the skin under the arms because they will be absorbed very easily there. They should never be applied to the skin of the abdomen.

It is also possible to get your dose of hormones in the form of capsules, sublingual lozenges or drops that have to be administered orally. Another popular way of using these supplements is in Linkthe form of capsules that are implanted under the skin of your arm.

Have a detailed discussion with your healthcare practitioner in order to find out which form you should take these bioidenticals hormones in. Make sure that you choose well so that you get the maximum benefit from taking these natural hormones.

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