Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bioidentical Hormones Indianapolis – Locate Experienced Doctors Who Offer This Treatment

Are you looking for a dependable Indianapolis based doctor who can offer you a range of wellness programs using hormones? You will definitely need to find a doctor who has great experience offering these treatments because they are powerful and should always be used correctly. These hormones are different from conventional ones because they are synthesized from plant extracts such as soybeans and wild yams. This makes them easily absorbed by the body. Also, they do not cause any negative side effects unlike regular hormone treatments.

When it comes to bioidentical hormones Indianapolis has quite a few medical practices and wellness clinics that offer this treatment. Complementary Family MedicalCare of Indiana is one of the best places to get treatment with bioidentical hormones. This clinic is run by Dr. Linda J. Spencer who has been able to help lots of women (and men) with hormone related problems that reduce the quality of their life.

Dr. Riley Perry Lloyd also offers excellent treatments using a variety of bioidentical hormones in Indianapolis. In fact, Dr. Lloyd has built up a very successful practice in the area thanks to the customized service that he offers patients. People who have age related hormonal problems will find this a very reliable and affordable clinic. Other doctors offering treatments using bioidentical hormones in Indianapolis are Dr. Swathi Rao of Health & Wellness Of Carmel and also Dr. Roger Spahr who has made the change from practicing family medicine to focusing on anti-aging and regenerative medicine.

It is very important to find the clinic offering the best treatments using bioidentical hormones in Indianapolis because you will be coming here often for long term treatment. You will be able to lead a healthier and happier life, keeping old age at bay, once you can bring your hormones under control.

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