Saturday, March 12, 2011

What are potential treatments for perimenopause?

Treatment of perimenopausal symptoms is not always required. Women who do not have symptom or have mild symptoms do not usually require anything. Treatment is only required if the symptom are troubling and affect lifestyle.

The most common treatment for women who undergo premenopausal symptoms is a short course of the birth control pill. This pill can help bring the menstrual cycles back to regular rhythm, reduce hot flashes and prevent vaginal dryness. The low dose pills are ideal and do not have many side effects. To prevent weight gain, one will need to do some type of exercise.

Sometimes progestin can be used to regulate the menstrual cycle but these pills should not be taken for long term. Women who have heavy bleeding during the perimenopausal period will find excellent relief from these medications. They can be taken by mouth or inserted as an IUD.

Some doctors recommend ablation of the uterus with a laser or heating device. This is of help for women with heavy bleeding. Of course this is not a procedure for everyone. It is also expensive and does require anesthesia.

For most women with perimenopausal symptoms, making changes in life style can help ease most of the symptoms.

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