Sunday, November 7, 2010

Estrogen Excess Dangers

There are three hormones that are named estrogens – estriol, estradiol and estrone. In this article, we write about the dangers of excess estrogen. Women can (and men also) suffer from excess estrogen from their late 30s and onwards. This will put you in situation whereby hormones become out of balance, leading first to pre-menopause and then later menopause.

When any of the delicately balanced hormonal system becomes unbalanced, a person will suffer from the symptoms of menopause. This can range from mild to severe occurrence of hot flashes, thyroid imbalance, night sweats, depression, brain fog, memory loss, depression, irritability and so on.

With estrogen dominance, all of the symptoms just mentioned will happen to you but there are more harmful effects that you should be aware of. Estrogen causes cell proliferation and when this happens, it is a promoter of cancer cells. To be in a situation of excess estrogen can cause cancer, especially breast cancer. Estrogen excess can also lead to a deficiency in nutrients that your body needs, such as the B vitamins, zinc and magnesium.

Estrogen excess can be treated with natural bioidentical progesterone. In fact, if you are using estrogen, it cannot be used without using bioidentical progesterone. Do not use progestins (Provera or Promethium) because these are synthetic hormones which can cause heart attacks, stroke and breast cancer.

If you don’t have enough estrogen, by contrast, you will also be suffering from the same menopause symptoms as well as feeling lethargic, suffering from sleep disturbance and extreme sensitivity. What we’re saying here is that you need to have balanced hormones and the only way to achieve this is through natural bioidentical hormones. See your bioidentical doctor and get your hormones checked to find out what you are missing in your system. You will experience an improvement in the way you feel in as a little as a couple of weeks.

In addition to taking bioidentical hormones, don’t forget to eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and reduce your stress levels. Bioidentical hormones don’t work unless you are doing all of these things together. Don’t forget, this time in your life, when menopause sets in, you’re now free of children and the responsibilities of building a career. This second part of your life is all about you. If you find you are suffering from excess estrogen symptoms, get some natural progesterone and start taking good care of yourself and your health.

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