Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bioidentical Hormones for Men

In the last few years, many men have been seeking treatment for “male menopause”. While male menopause is not the same as what females go through, many men appear to have similar symptoms with decline of the male sex hormones, testosterone, progesterone and even estrogen. The levels of testosterone start to decline in the fourth decade of life and continue on a downhill progress from then on. The symptoms of testosterone decline in men are variable. Some men suddenly feel tired; others have loss of libido, feel depressed and have a lack of interest. Now there is a trend for men to seek out bioidentical hormones for men to counter the declining levels of testosterone and progesterone.

Bioidentical hormones for men are simply replacement hormones with the same chemical structure and formula as the sex hormones that are produced in the human body. The only difference is that these bioidentical hormones are derived from plants and various herbs. The use of bioidentical hormones is not new. Women have been using bioidentical hormones for decades and there are many testimonials attesting to the fact the most women obtain excellent benefits - both physically and emotionally. These hormones have a positive impact on life and help restore hormonal balance. There is some evidence that bioidentical hormones also improve bone density and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Bioidentical hormones for men are available in various formulations. There are creams, patches, injections and even pellets. Each man responds differently to a different formulation and thus it is essential to pick the right formulation. While patches may work for some, for others, pellets may work just as well.

Bioidentical hormones for men do not work right away. Evidence indicates that these hormones slowly improve the physique and mental attitude. There are also some men who believe that these bioidentical hormones also reverse signs of aging. For men who do not want to put on patch or take a pill, there are bioidentical hormones creams. These creams, applied to the skin have been formulated to slowly release the hormones gradually into the body over a period of few months.

The only way to know which formulation is right for you is to get a consult with a physician who deals with bioidentical hormones for men.

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